Upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia is a great platform for all the strikers of the qualified country. Every player dream of better and successful international career during his journey and wikiceleb has sort listed the best striker that is going to perform and has that potential to be the best of the best in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Thus, our Top 11 strikers in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia are:

1.Robert Lewandowski

Full Name: Robert Lewandowski

Birth Date: 21 August 1988

Age: 29

Nation: Poland

Current Club: FC Bayern Munich

Polish striker Robert Lewandowski who plays for German club FC Bayern Munich is one of the most influential strikers in world football. He also captains his national team Poland who is going to participate in 2018 FIFA world cup Russia. He has 91 international caps for Poland with 51 goals. He is one of the top strikers to be watched in upcoming FIFA world cup.

2.Harry Kane

Full Name: Harry Edward Kane

Birth Date: 28 July 1993

Age: 24

Nation: England

Current Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane is regarded as one of the best strikers in English Premier League. He has always scored 20+ goals in past 3 seasons for Tottenham and also shining currently with his good goal scoring capacity. Due to his poaching quality, he has been linked with giants like Real Madrid several times. He also has captained his national side England and has 23 international caps with 12 goals. He is the most valuable striker for England in upcoming FIFA world cup.

3.Luis Suarez

Full Name: Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz

Birth Date: 24 January 1987

Age: 30

Nation: Uruguay

Current Club: FC Barcelona

Luis Suarez is one of the deadliest strikers in the world who had a great role in winning the treble and many other cups for FC Barcelona. He is the main front man for Barcelona and has a good pairing with Lionel Messi. He has 95 international caps for his national side Uruguay with 49 goals which is very good goal scoring ratio. He will main man to lead Uruguay in coming FIFA world cup and will be the top striker to be watched.


Full Name: Alvaro Borja Morata Martin

Birth Date: 23 October 1992

Age: 25

Nation: Spain

Current Club: Chelsea FC

As Spain is one of the well-known, beloved and a top nation for FIFA world cup, it is also considered as one of the favored nation to win this FIFA world cup competition. For this great nation, Morata is their best striker who has goal poaching capability with many skills. He has 23 international caps with 13 goals. As Spain is one of the most watched sides in FIFA world cup, Morata has great responsibility for his national side in this competition.

5.Mauro Icardi

Full Name: Mauro Emanuel Icardi

Birth Date: 19 February 1993

Age: 24

Nation: Argentina

Current Club: Inter Milan

In the current scenario of world football, Icardi has best goal scoring ratio for his club Inter Milan. Not only in Serie-A but also in whole Europe, he is one of the best strikers who is playing his best football of his career. Although he has not got many chances to play for his national side Argentina due to the likes of Higuain, Aguero and other forwards, he will be given the main role to shine for upcoming FIFA world cup. He only has 4 international caps and has not found goal yet but surely he is going to be a brighter side for Argentina if given chance in FIFA world cup.

6.Edinson Cavani

Full Name: Edinson Roberto Cavani Gomez

Birth Date: 14 February 1987

Age: 30

Nation: Uruguay

Current Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Edinson Cavani is the main striker for well-known French Club Paris Saint-Germain who plays along with world’s most expensive Brazilian forward Neymar. Although Luis Suarez is considered to be the main striker for Uruguay but for upcoming FIFA world cup, he is surely going to partner with Suarez due to his recent form and goal scoring performances. He always finds a net in almost every game for PSG this season. This powerful striker has 98 international caps with 40 goals. He will be one of the watched strikers in upcoming FIFA world cup.

7.Alexandre Lacazatte

Full Name: Alexandre Lacazatte

Birth Date: 28 May 1991

Age: 26

Nation: France

Current Club: Arsenal

French frontman Lacazatte who plays for Arsenal is also considered as one of the best strikers in English premier league. He is the only pure striker in France beside Giroud. Due to his current form and poaching capability, he will be the man playing for France in upcoming FIFA world cup. He has overall 16 international caps with 3 goals. He will be on the list of strikers to be watched for FIFA world cup as France is big side and also the most watched nation.

8.Sergio Aguero

Full Name: Sergio Leonel Kun Aguero

Birth Date: 2nd June 1988

Age: 29

Nation: Argentina

Current Club: Manchester City

Sergio Aguero is arguably one of the best strikers in premier league who has scored most goals and record for Manchester city. He is going to be considered as a legend of Manchester city in coming future. Although Argentina will have the likes of Messi, Icardi Aguero is a veteran striker for Argentina and surely have a role for upcoming FIFA world cup. He has 84 international caps for his national side with 36 goals.

9.Romelu Lukaku

Full Name: Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli

Birth Date: 13 May 1993

Age: 24

Nation: Belgium

Current Club: Manchester United

The Manchester United striker, Lukaku is the hottest prospect for English premier league this season. Although he failed to shine versus big clubs in the league, he is good poacher and has good goal scoring record for Belgium. With the likes of forwards like Hazard and Mertens, he is surely going to do his job for Belgian reds for upcoming FIFA World Cup.This big man has overall 65 international caps for his national side Belgium with 31 goals. As Belgium has fine attackers, Lukaku will b the striker to be watched for upcoming FIFA world cup.

10.Radamel Falcao


Full Name: Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate

Birth Date: 10 February 1986

Age: 31

Nation: Colombia

Current Club: AS Monaco

Last season French league winner Radamel Falcao who plays for AS Monaco is one of the finest strikers in the French league. He helped his team to win the league and reach up to the semifinal of Champions league last season. He has good goal scoring capacity and also the main man for his national side Colombia. He got 65 international caps for Colombia with 25 goals. He will also be the top striker to be watched among South American countries for upcoming FIFA world cup.

11.Andre Silva



Full Name: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva

Birth Date: 6 November 1995

Age: 22

Nation: Portugal

Current Club: AC Milan

Andre Silva was bought by AC Milan last season when they spend their record summer spending. He found his stability in the club within no time and improved massively as a striker. His goal scoring record is also good for AC Milan. Since he is going to play aside Cristiano Ronaldo in upcoming FIFA world cup so he will be a striker to be watched for Portugal. He is young but will have great responsibility for his national side. He has 18 international caps with 11 goals.

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