Goalkeepers are the ball savers if we call them in short. They deny opposition to let ball inside the net. They have the capability to distribute long and short balls. Overall, goalkeepers have a great role in defining a game when they do not get proper support from defenders.

For upcoming FIFA world cup 2018 which is going to be held in Russia, there are many versatile goalkeepers from different countries. They are equally shining for their respective clubs as well as for nation too. The countries like France, Brazil, Germany, Spain always have many good goalkeepers. Out of many goalkeepers who are going to play for their national team in upcoming FIFA world cup, our article mentions only top 11 best among them. It’s really hard to choose best 11 among many versatile players but we hope these players will shine and will be players to be watched as the goalkeepers for FIFA world cup. So here are our 11 best goalkeepers:

1. Manuel Neuer







Full name: Manuel Peter Neuer

Date of birth: March 27, 1986

Age: 31

Nation: Germany

Current club: FC Bayern Munich

International caps: 74


2. David De Gea






Full name: David de Gea Quintana

Date of birth: November 7, 1990

Age: 27

Nation: Spain

Current club: Manchester United

International caps: 25


3. Ter Stegen








Full name: Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Date of birth: April 30, 1992

Age: 25

Nation: Germany

Current club: FC Barcelona

International caps: 18


4. Hugo Lloris






Full name: Hugo Lloris

Date of birth: December 26, 1986

Age: 31

Nation: France

Current club: Tottenham Hotspur

International caps: 94


5. Thibaut Courtois








Full name: Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois

Date of birth: May 11, 1992

Age: 25

Nation: Belgium

Current club: Chelsea FC

International caps: 55


6. Alisson








Full name: Alisson Ramses Becker

Date of birth: October 2, 1992

Age: 25

Nation: Brazil

Current club: AS Roma

International caps: 22


7. Sergio Romero








Full name: Sergio German Romero

Date of birth: February 22, 1987

Age: 30

Nation: Argentina

Current club: Manchester United

International caps: 93


8. Rui Patricio








Full name: Rui Pedro dos Santos Patricio

Date of birth: February 15, 1988

Age: 30

Nation: Portugal

Current club: Sporting CP

International caps: 68


9. Ederson Moraes






Full name: Ederson Santana de Moraes

Date of birth: August 17, 1993

Age: 24

Nation: Brazil

Current club: Manchester City

International caps: 1


10. Danijel Subasic






Full name: Danijel Subasic

Date of birth: October 27, 1984

Age: 33

Nation: Croatia

Current club: AS Monaco

International caps: 35


11. Jordan Pickford






Full name: Jordan Lee Pickford

Date of birth: March 7, 1994

Age: 23

Nation: England

Current club: Everton FC

International caps: 1