Centre-backs are also called game saviors because they have the responsibility to cover central defense and stop opponent’s attackers. They distribute balls to the midfield and forwards covering the goalkeeper. They restrict opponent free kicks, header balls, intercepting the opponents and many more. For upcoming FIFA world cup going to be held in Russia, all participating teams have selected their best Centre-backs. FIFA world cup will be a great platform to show their capabilities in the field which may increase their ratings and sale values. They can attract many people by their defensive disciplines they perform as a Centre-back role. Although there are many Centre backs who are highly skilled, have great potentials but here our article mentions only top eleven best Centre backs who were already world class and have high ceilings to put their best performance in upcoming FIFA world cup. So the best eleven Centre backs from different countries are listed below.

1. Sergio Ramos






Full Name: Sergio Ramos Garcia

Birth Date: 30 March 1986

Age: 31

Nation: Spain

Current Club: Real Madrid

The longest-serving center-back for club Real Madrid who has not only defensive skills but also leadership on the pitch, Sergio Ramos, is the most decorated defender in this decade. He was selected to FIFA World 11 squad many times who helped his club to win back to back champions league titles. He is known as a complete defender with hard tackling and a good header. For his national side Spain, he has already a huge contribution to winning the world cup and Euro cups. He will again feature to lead his national team Spain in upcoming FIFA world cup. He has 149 international caps with 13 goals in all competition.

2. Mats Hummels






Full Name: Mats Julian Hummels

Birth Date: 16 December 1988

Age: 28

Nation: Germany

Current Club: FC Bayern Munich

Representing German giants Bayern Munich, Mats Hummels is regarded as one of the best defenders not only for Bayern Munich but also in whole Bundesliga. His center-back partnership with Jerome Boateng for Bayern Munich and German football club is regarded as the most beautiful defensive partnership. He has got good tackles, visions, good on air balls, one on one interception and headings which make him a very good defender. For upcoming FIFA world cup, we will surely be seeing his defensive leadership for his national side Germany. He has got 61 international caps with overall 5 goals.

3. Gerard Pique






Full Name: Gerard Pique Bernabeu

Birth Date: 2 February 1987

Age: 30

Nation: Spain

Current Club: FC Barcelona

Leading one of the most successful clubs in the world Barcelona, Pique is already a star defender in world football. His partnership with Sergio Ramos for his national side Spain has contributed many international titles. He has a great role in winning many cups for FC Barcelona including trebles. Due to his good defensive skills, he has stabilized himself as one of the favored center back for Spanish giants FC Barcelona. For upcoming FIFA world, we will see his defensive partnership with fellow Sergio Ramos to lead their country Spain. For Spain, he has got 94 international caps with 5 goals in all competitions.

4. Thiago Silva






Full Name: Thiago Emiliano da Silva

Birth Date: 22 September 1984

Age: 33

Nation: Brazil

Current Club: Paris Saint-Germain

If we ever think a leader on the pitch for Brazil football team, then Thiago Silva is the man that comes to our mind. Although there are many great players in Brazil football team but Thiago Silva is the one who is leading the game from center back positions. Many claimed that due to unavailability of him in last world cup, Brazil suffered a huge 7-1 loss to Germany. His leadership and defensive aggression have contributed Paris Saint-Germain many cups. For FIFA world cup he will have a huge role in his national side Brazil. He has 67 international caps with 5 goals in all competitions.

5. Laurent Koscielny






Full Name: Laurent Koscielny

Birth Date: 10 September 1985

Age: 32

Nation: France

Current Club: Arsenal FC

 One of the best center back in English premier league, Koscielny, is the true example of a player with passion and loyalty which he is showing at Arsenal FC. He has been leading Arsenal and France national team for a long time. Although France has got very talented defenders like Umititi, Varane but Koscielny will always be leading his national team France. His defensive skills and visions make him a very promising center back. For upcoming FIFA world cup, he will be representing France as a center back who has a duty from the back. He has got 50 international caps with 1 goal in all competitions.

6. Diego Godin







Full Name: Diego Roberto Godin

Birth Date: 16 February 1986

Age: 31

Nation: Uruguay

Current Club: Atletico Madrid

 After serving many years for Spanish club Atletico Madrid and his nation Uruguay, Diego Godin is regarded as the best defender for his club and country. This Uruguay international centre-back has got a top defensive skill who is a leading example for many young defenders. He also captained his national side Uruguay many times and featuring them for upcoming FIFA world cup to find the path of glory. He has got 113 international caps with 8 goals in all competitions.

7. Pepe






Full Name: Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira

Birth Date: 26 February 1983

Age: 34

Nation: Portugal

Current Club: Besiktas

If we make a list of most aggressive defenders in world football then Pepe will come out on top of the list. Due to his aggressive nature, he is a leading example on the pitch. After serving Real Madrid and his national side Portugal for a long time, he is one of the star defenders to be watched for upcoming FIFA world cup. For a team like Portugal who has got many star players, Pepe will have a huge responsibility as a center back. Again for the upcoming FIFA world cup, we will be seeing his defensive aggressiveness on the pitch for his national side Portugal. He has got 92 international caps for Portugal along with 5 goals in all competitions.

8. Nicolas Otamendi






Full Name: Nicolas Hernan Otamendi

Birth Date: 12 February 1988

Age: 29

Nation: Argentina

Current Club: Manchester City

One of the best center back in English premier league, Otamendi has hugely developed himself under the guidance of Pep Guardiola. With his defensive stability at the back, Manchester city is a top team in Europe this season. For FIFA world cup he is representing his national side Argentina who already has got star players in an attack like Messi, Dybala, Aguero, Icardi, etc. So his performance at the back will be the thing to watch for FIFA world cup. Due to his visions and defensive disciplines, Otamendi is a decorated center back for upcoming FIFA world cup. He has got 51 international caps with 3 goals in all competitions.

9. Gary Cahill






Full Name: Gary James Cahill

Birth Date: 19 December 1985

Age: 32

Nation: England

Current Club: Chelsea FC

A leading example as a defender for Chelsea FC, Gary Cahill, is one of the most decorated and complete defenders in English Premier League. He has contributed many things as a center back for Chelsea FC to win the premier league and other titles. He has also served a long time for England football club. He will be featured in FIFA world cup for his national side England. For upcoming FIFA world cup, he has a huge responsibility for covering overall defense of England football team as he is a senior player than the rest. For England football team he has 58 international caps with 4 goals in all competitions.

10. Jan Vertonghen






Full Name: Jan Bert Lieve Vertonghen

Birth Date: 24 April 1987

Age: 30

Nation: Belgium

Current Club: Tottenham Hotspur

With already filled by many talented forwards, midfielders and defenders, Jan Vertonghen captains his national side Belgium and is going to be featuring for upcoming FIFA world cup. His central defensive partnership with Toby Alderweireld has been successful for both club and country. So he is regarded as a versatile center-back who has a discipline of controlling the game from the back. For upcoming FIFA world cup, he captains his national side Belgium and is responsible for covering central defense. For Belgium, he has 98 international caps with 8 goals in all competitions.

11. Kalidou Koulibaly






Full Name: Kalidou Koulibaly

Birth Date: 20 June 1991

Age: 26

Nation: Senegal

Current Club: SSC Napoli

 If we make the list of most underrated center-backs in the world, then Kalidou Koulibaly will turn out on top of the list. He is also currently playing for one of the most attacking and top club in Europe, Napoli. Due to his defensive visions, he stabilized himself for the club like Napoli. He is going to be featuring for his national side Senegal, one of the African countries, for upcoming FIFA world cup. We will see his defensive discipline for Senegal in FIFA world cup. For Senegal, he has 18 international caps with no goals till now.

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