Central midfielders are creative players who find space and feed the ball to forwards, create chances and control the tempo of midfield. They are also called absolute game controllers. They sit between defense and forwards to control the game. Usually, central midfielders register their name for most assist provider to other players in the game. They have the equal capability of scoring goals as forwards and creating chances.

For upcoming FIFA world cup 2018 which is going to be held in Russia, there are many versatile central midfielders from different countries. They are equally shining for their respective clubs as well as for nation too. The countries like Germany and Spain always have many good central midfielders. Out of many central midfielders who are going to play for their national team in upcoming FIFA world cup, our article mentions only top 11 best among them. It’s really hard to choose best 11 among many versatile players but we hope these players will shine and will be players to be watched as the central midfielder for FIFA world cup. So here are our 11 best central midfielders:

1. Toni Kroos










Full name: Toni Kroos

Date of birth: January 4, 1990

Age: 28

Nation: Germany

Current club: Real Madrid CF

International caps:Β  80

International goals: 12


2. Luka Modric







Full name: Luka Modric

Date of birth: September 9, 1985

Age: 32

Nation: Croatia

Current club: Real Madrid CF

International caps: 103

International goals: 12


3. Andres Iniesta










Full name: Andres Iniesta Lujan

Date of birth: May 11, 1984

Age: 33

Nation: Spain

Current club: FC Barcelona

International caps: 127

International goals: 13


4. Paul Pogba






Full name: Paul Labile Pogba

Date of birth: March 15, 1993

Age: 24

Nation: France

Current club: Manchester United

International caps: 49

International goals: 8


5. David Silva







Full name: David Josue Jimenez Silva

Date of birth: January 8, 1986

Age: 31

Nation: Spain

Current club: Manchester City

International caps: 118

International goals: 35


6. Ever Banega








Full name: Ever Maximiliano David Banega

Date of birth: June 29, 1988

Age: 29

Nation: Argentina

Current club: Sevilla

International caps: 59

International goals: 5


7. Paulinho






Full name: Jose PauloΒ Bezerra Maciel Junior

Date of birth: July 25, 1988

Age: 29

Nation: Brazil

Current club: FC Barcelona

International caps: 46

International goals: 11


8. Jack Wilshere







Full name: Jack Andrew Garry Wilshere

Date of birth: January 1, 1992

Age: 26

Nation: England

Current club: Arsenal FC

International caps: 34

International goals: 2


9. Mateo Kovacic










Full name: Mateo Kovacic

Date of birth: May 6, 1994

Age: 23

Nation: Croatia

Current club: Real Madrid CF

International caps: 34

International goals: 1


11. Andre Gomes










Full name: Andre Filipe Tavares Gomes

Date of birth: July 30, 1993

Age: 24

Nation: Portugal

Current club: FC Barcelona

International caps: 27

International goals: 0

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