Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review: Blockbuster Salman Khan and Gorgeous Katrina Kaif

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast:

Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal, Sajjad Delafrooz,  Kumud Mishra, Angad Bedi, Girish Karnad

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Good thing in Movie:
Despite a Salman Khan film when a storyteller director Ali Abbas Zafar puts story as his priority, that’s a major good thing about the movie. Once again Salman khan proving himself why he’s termed as a Superstar or Tiger or Blockbuster Khan.

The bad thing in Movie:

There are some loopholes in the movie but due to the grandness of the Salman Khan breathtaking action scene, that can be totally ignored.

Watch or Not?

This movie will be the Christmas gift for Salman fan and even if you never got enjoyed by Salman Khan Movie go and enjoy the movie.


Tiger Zinda Hai starts with a pretty intense backdrop where a bus full of 25 Indian nurses and 15 Pakistani nurses gets kidnapped by a terrorist group called ISC in Iraq. The RAW head Shenoy and Official in India agreed to appoint Tiger for the Mission to rescue the nurses. With the help of an agent, RAW finds the location of Tiger who’s in exile since past 8 years. Backing his country, Tiger decides to work on the new mission and he builds up his own team having a sniper from Indian Army,  a genius technician and a bomb diffuser. Rest of the story in the movie uncovers the stages of this mission.


Tiger Zinda Hai is not a perfect film but it’s superior to most of what we’ve seen in Bollywood. Despite the presence of Salman Khan in movie Ali Abbas Zafar is the Captain of this movie.He has scripted the movie as a gripping spying thriller that makes Ali the winner for this movie. The story of the movie keeps you clandestine amidst the heroism or machoism of Tiger or Salman Khan.

Star Performance:
Salman Khan did what he does the best and that entertains everyone. Salman Khan is returning to his own style and the whistles in his entry scene and his breathtaking action scenes still reverberate in my head. The best thing is that he surrenders himself completely to captain Ali Abbas Zafar and for the same reason, Sultan was a blockbuster and hope Tiger Zinda Hai achieves more success.
Katrina Kaif is brilliant in this movie. She has turned into a fighter for this movie and working amazingly well with her expressions, she managed to shut some of the critics with this one.
Angad Bedi plays the role of bomb diffuser perfectly and Kumud Mishra and Girish Karnad are also justifiable in their roles. Paresh Rawal manages to make you laugh in this intense scene. The main antagonist of the film Sajjad Delafrooz is just about above average.

Final word:

Tiger Zinda Hai is surely the most entertaining and masala film of the year and this will be the treat of Christmas 2017 for Salman fan. Director Ali Abbas Zafar tries to infuse patriotism in the story of the movie.