Spain Road to Russia FIFA world cup 2018

The European nation on the Iberian Peninsula that has made 14 FIFA World Cup appearances with only one winning title is Spain. The country has made it to two semifinals and the official ranking of FIFA for Spain is 6. In 2010 FIFA World Cup was hosted in South Africa where Spain managed to win the cup. The final match was between Netherlands and Spain where A. Iniesta Scored on 116th minutes of the game which was the only goal in the final. Spain has won total of 29 games 12 draws and 18 losses in the history of FIFA World Cup. In 1954, 1958, 1970 and 1974 Spain did not qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

World Cup Qualifier Europe

The World Cup qualifier in Europe selects 14 countries for the FIFA World Cup and for 2018 FIFA World cup Russia qualifies being a host country. 52 countries who are the members of FIFA from Europe go for the preliminary competition where those 52 countries are divided into 9 groups in which 7 groups contain 6 teams and rest of the two groups contains only 5 teams. England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain are placed in a group containing 6 teams. Winners from each group qualify automatically and the eight best runners-up go for the playoffs from which 4 teams are selected. Thus, in this way, the Europe qualifier selects 14 nations for the FIFA World Cup.

Spain was the group leader of Group G with 28 points at the end of the competition. They won 9 games and drew against Italy. Being a group leader Spain qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018 leaving behind Italy for playoffs where Italy did not manage to qualify. The best performance of Spain during their qualifying round was against Liechtenstein with the final score of 0-8 where Liechtenstein did not score any.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group B

The final draw of FIFA World Cup 2018 has placed Spain in Group B where Spain has to play against Portugal, Iran and Morocco and qualify for the Knockout stage into the round of Sixteen’s.

The Fixtures for Spain in Group Stage are:

  • Portugal – Spain (Saturday, 16 June)
  • Iran – Spain (Thursday, 21 June)
  • Spain – Morocco (Tuesday, 26 June)


Players to watch:

A. Morata                                                                   M. Asensio                                                                 D.silva



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