Saudi Arabia Road To Russia FIFA World Cup 2018

The desert country from Asia which is famous as the birthplace of Islam has also qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018 to Russia. Saudi Arabia has only four appearances on FIFA World Cup and the Official FIFA ranking for the country is 63. Saudi Arabia made their first appearance on FIFA World Cup in 1994 when FIFA World Cup was hosted by the United States after 1994 Saudi Arabia made it to FIFA World Cup till 2006 and after that Saudi Arabia is finally qualified for FIFA World cup 2018 to Russia. In the history of FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia has only managed to win against Belgium and Morocco.

World Cup Qualifier Asia

All the 46 members of the association will take part in the competition that takes places in four rounds. For FIFA World Cup 2018 four teams will qualify from Asia and the team that finishes fifth goes for the intercontinental playoffs. In the round, two forty remaining teams are divided into eight different groups and the winner of each group along with the best four runner-ups will advance to the third round of the qualifier. Twelve teams on round three are divided into two groups each containing 6 teams where the teams on each group will play one another in a home and away round robin pattern and the winners of each group and runners-ups qualifies for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Two teams that finish third place in each group advance to round four and the winner from round four reaches to the intercontinental playoffs.

Saudi Arabia ended up qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2018 by winning six games with two draws during World Cup qualifier Asia. They Drew against UAE and Palestine. On the eighth round of the qualifier, Saudi Arabia scored ten goals against Timor Oriental in which M. Al Sahlawi scored five goals for Saudi Arabia.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Group A

The final draw of FIFA World Cup 2018 has placed  Saudi Arabia in Group A where Saudi Arabia has to play against Uruguay Russia and Egypt and qualify for the Knockout stage into the round of Sixteen’s.

The Fixtures for Saudi Arabia in Group Stage are:

  • Russia – Saudi Arabia ( Thursday, 14 June)
  • Uruguay – Saudi Arabia ( Wednesday, 20 June)
  • Saudi Arabia – Egypt (Monday, 25 June)



Players to watch:

Y. Al Shehri                                                            M. Al Sahlawi                                                          Tasir Al Jassim


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