Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Break All the Box Office Record


Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai has become Salman’s highest grossing film of all time that has been running strong at the box office. With each passing day, it has been continuing its roaring business. Salman’s previous highest grossing film was Bajrangi Bhaijaan that collected 320.34 crores. But Ali Abbas Tiger Zinda has entered its fourth week and collected 329.09 crores by adding 1 crore on its 4th Wednesday. As there is no big release until January 25, Tiger Zinda Hai has a chance to earn more at its usual pace. In next few days, it can cross 330 crores and eye on another milestone of 340 crores.

Tiger Zinda Hai was released on December 22 and still ruling the box office despite many new releases.

Day wise Collection of film

Day1: 34.1 crore     

Day2: 35.3 crore

Day3: 45.53 crore                                     

Day4: 36.54 crore

Day5: 21.6 crore

Day6: 17.55 crore

Day7: 15.12 crore

Day8: 11.56 crore

Day9: 14.92crore

Day10: 21.92 crore              

Day11: 18.0 crore

Day12: 7.83 crore

Day13: 5.83 crore

Day14: 5.09 crore

Day15: 3.72 crore

Day16: 5.62 crore

Day17: 8.27 crore                                                  

Day18: 2.72 crore

Day19:2.50 crore                                     

Day20: 2.3 crore

Day21: 2.12 crore

Day22: 1.46 crore

Day23: 2.1 crore

Day24: 3.1 crore

Day25: 1.36 crore

Day26: 1 crore

Total: 329.09 crores in India only

Overseas Collection

$19.6 million or Rs.124.56 crore