Positive Discrimination: A Constructive Step Towards a Better Future

“Discrimination is after all not acceptable putting the word positive before it doesn’t make it less discrimination”. This is a genuine argument of the people.
Yes, you cannot create difficulty for others in order to help some people. But at first, you need to have a clear concept of positive discrimination.

Positive discrimination is the act of giving an advantage to those groups in society that are treated unfairly because of their race, sex, economic standard etc. Its ultimate goal is to ensure that people won’t be out of work because of their gender, race or other conditions or disabilities. Nevertheless, it is not picking someone based on skin colors, etc. These are only the superficial indications of deeper problems. It is just not to neutralize the real social disadvantage of being poor, female, disabled, black etc. Actually, positive discrimination is for giving those people some more chances to complete, which is why positive discrimination is beneficial for humanity.

Being in this 21st century, if you still think women are less worthy than men, black people are stupider than whites and disabled people enjoy sitting down all day, you are all wrong. Women don’t get less pay. Ethnic minorities are poorer, and disabled people are more likely to be unemployed; we cannot deny this.

Positive discrimination towards women in society is justified, and they require positive discrimination. In the past, they were treated not less than slaves in our patriarchal societies. Presently, they are still dominated by men in a lot of socio-economic environments. For this reason, women should have more benefits in society as an attempt to even out their disadvantaged status. It is fair as we are now living in a globalized and modern world, we cannot just have the mythical thought that women are worse than men at work.

If an employer recruits a person because he or she is from a backward society rather than because he or she is the best candidate, then obviously that employer would be committing discrimination under equality Act 2010. But positive Discrimination is about equity not equality. It is an attempt to bring back “Privilege”. Of course, there are exceptions, the poor orphan child who manages to complete the best education and make successful life with one’s own hard work, talent and determination. But this is not the rule. Generally, it is easier for kids from peaceful and working families to secure their career but not for those struggling to make it from one day to the next. Similar arguments can be made about issues related to gender, class, race etc. So, positive discrimination means trying to reveal those who are disadvantaged or marginalized in our societies and providing them with an equal opportunity with average well-off members.

What do we want? To be the same, all of us without any difference? It is impossible, not natural. We aren’t blindly equalizing different people in the name of positive discrimination. For instance, I am a woman who is interested to follow a profession usually followed by men. I would like to be promoted to my skills not only from my gender. I would like to ask society to help me be myself, to encourage me to be myself. The society should offer me a safe environment where my particular needs are satisfied such as developing my professional skills without being affected by gender, and that’s the point.

“Positive discrimination” is not to have the same percentage of male and female employees in the specific field. But it is to sustain equal chances for male and female to be employed in that specific field.

Rabita Makra