Who is Marshmello? Bad happened because of him? Club Déjà vu Brought to rubble


Around two years ago, some producer launched onto the event gaining an amazing and superb amount of publicity quickly. The name was Marshmello and he had different looks that you could never forget. The reason you could never forget his looks is that his face is a cartoon marshmallow mask. He was immediately supported by established producers such as Dotcom and Jauz with repost to their social media. His music was fun, simple and an overnight sensation.

True identities of the artist cannot be overshadowed by the Masks but this is where we see a different-nobody knows who Marshmello is, well maybe the better way to say it is that Marshmello has never confirmed his identity and officially come out. There have been many speculations over the years he has been active as a producer. Some people seem to be guessing him as a Skrillex, Deadmau5 but alas it was soon revealed that Marshmello was neither definitively Deadmau5 nor Skrillex.

At the time of his arrival to the world of dance music. His sound was incredible, exciting and original. It was filled with intense bass and had its roots deep dubstep and hip-hop. He quickly capitalized on his success with many high profile remixes for artist such as Zedd, Diplo, Skrillex and Adele. This is when everybody began to arise a question that who the hell was this newcomer with a bold new sound and is supported by officials. He then collaborated with much high profile singer and producer that earned him more than $21 million in the 12 months of the period and also named in Forbes annual ranking of World’s highest-paid DJs.He released a song titled “LOVE U” as appreciation to his well-wishers.

But recently something bad happened because of him. He was about to perform in Deja Vu club in 13 December, 2017and there are lots of fans who were waiting for him to rock the stage. But at the last moment, organizer made an announcement that he won’t be there to perform. so people got very angry because they paid big money to see him. Because of this people began to throw all the table, glass and damaged property of that club.

Some captured images from the scene 

Later, he posted on twitter the reason for not being able to show on the performance night.He says he was sick and doctor strictly asked him to take rest. He has promised to see his fans on Déjà vu soon. Showing love towards Nepal Marshmello twitted.

This is sad news for Marshmello and his fans over the world. Really the rubble happened at  Club Déjà vu Nepal