Brazil Road To Russia FIFA World Cup 2018

The second name for the word Football is Brazil as the country is famous all around the globe for football. The official FIFA ranking for the country is two (2).Brazil has managed to appear a twenty FIFA World Cups till date from 1930 and has won the title five times in the history of FIFA World Cup. The country has managed to appear into seven Finals and win five of them. In 1950 and 1998 Brazil made it to final but could not win the title. Brazil is also a home for famous football players. The best of the best football players are from Brazil. Total goals scored from Brazil are more than 200 in FIFA World Cup. The association of football was established in 1914 for Brazil.

Team Brazil with their first FIFA World Cup trophy 1958

World Cup Qualifier South America

Brazil played a total of 18 games for their qualifier in South America. Brazil managed to lead the qualifier table and the end of the last round leaving Uruguay and Argentina for a second and third place in the qualifier table. Brazil won 12 games with 5 draws and one loss during their qualifier round. Brazil defeated Argentina in the 11th round of the qualifier with the final score of 3-0 where Coutinho, Neymar and Paulinho managed to score for Brazil. On the very first round of the World Cup qualifier South America Brazil was defeated against Chile with the final Score of 2-0. Brazil Drew against Argentina in the third round of the competition they also drew against Uruguay in the fifth round. After 10th round of the competition, Brazil started leading the qualifier table and managed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group E

The final draw of FIFA World Cup 2018 has placed Brazil in Group E where Brazil has to play against Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica and qualify for the Knockout stage into the round of Sixteen’s.

The Fixtures for Brazil in Group Stage are:



Players to watch:

Coutinho                                                                  Neymar                                                                        Paulinho


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