Being Kind – Curse or a Blessing?

From seeing a small plant dry out to a big tree cut off, from seeing a person killing an insect to a person killing another person, from seeing people fighting with their enemies to seeing people fighting with their own parents, if you are a person who notices everything and feels for every creature, then life must be pretty tough for you. When you feel everything so deeply, you cannot imagine anything bad about anyone, not even about that person who broke your heart or that friend who betrayed you for their benefit. You understand their psychology, you understand that they aren’t a bad person, in fact, you know no one on this earth is bad, it is just the situation or the cognitive dissonance. Thus, you just pray for their progress or even contribute to their betterment instead of taking revenge or hurting them.

Many people refer to you as an angel; some may even call you crazy. Some people say it is a blessing to have you in this world but is being kind really a blessing? Sure in a way it is. Imagine if every people were like you, the earth would be such a better place to live. But unfortunately, all people aren’t. HEY! Don’t judge them though. People generally don’t hurt others intentionally. Okay, some might. But most have their own reasons. There are people who can’t stand cockroaches. Some kill them whereas some carefully take them out of their house. Now we can’t blame those who kill cockroaches and call them mean or unkind or whatever the world there is in the dictionary. By now you must be thinking being kind is truly a blessing. But do you think that people can easily accept people like you without any judgment or comments? “She is against deforestation but writes on papers, such hypocrite.” “I hate him but why does he always act nice in front of me? He is totally pretending.” “I have betrayed her so many times but she is always there when I need her. Why is she being so fake?” “She is the fakest girl I have seen till date” “She loves the environment but still take their air to breathe, so greedy”. These are the things you normally listen if you are a kind person.

These are the words which demotivate you. You try not to care but you feel everything so deeply that you start searching for the faults inside you. You question yourself why are people hating you. Then eventually you start to blame yourself and get depressed. But do you know something? Light only shines in the darkness. There is no meaning of light in brightness. Certainly, there are people who love you but you should be thankful to those who hate you and criticize you. After all, they are the darkness of your life that helps you shine brighter. They are the dark sky and you, my darling, are the brightest star. Sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse, being kind is such a dilemmatic thing  but there is something that is certain, “kind people leave a little sparkle wherever they go and make this world a little brighter every day.”

Urja Acharya