Alexis Sanchez is a step closer to move out of Arsenal and join their rivals.

Alexis who is at the last year of his contract from the arsenal, with lots of twists and turn in this January transfer is finally going to a club he dreamed of when he was really young when he was playing for Udinese.The transfer is likely to happen in next 24 hours as he has been named out of the arsenal 18’s man squad against crystal palace side. And it has been said that he was in the training with arsenal players on Friday but has left the Friday night from the hotel to make an away to his rival side.

Sanchez is likely to be Britain First £500k a week footballer after agreeing a £118.3 million contract to join United side. But the deal has been stalled just because of arsenal transfer plans as Mkhitaryan had to go the other side to their rivals. Now it has been said that Mkhitaryan has been ready and the transfer may go along in next 24 hours.

With Alexis going the other way as planned, Pep Guardiola has congratulated both Alexis and his rival Mourinho for this. And says the amount was a little bit high as expected so city side could not snatch a deal.

So cheer up all United fans a world class player is in your way.